The Gauthier firm was the first law firm in the country to use mock trials. 

In many cases, our attorneys have tried your case even before they walk into court. Using a simulated courtroom in our office, our attorneys present your case to jurors selected from the same venue where the case is to be heard. The jurors are paid for their time and believe that the case is real. A retired judge presides with witnesses testifying on both sides.

Hidden cameras let our trial team listen in on jury deliberations. The team gains a keen understanding of what appealed to jurors and the strengths and weaknesses of case. We adjust our litigation strategy as needed. It is the next best thing to being in court and it is invaluable.

Often, the video from the mock trial is shared with opposing counsel to facilitate settlement.

Over the years, our mock trial room has helped Gauthier, Houghtaling and Williams recover over $4 billion for our clients.