We at Gauthier, Houghtaling & Williams have exposed fraud in major insurance companies in their underpayments to Louisiana Flood damage victims. December 31, 2017 is your deadline to file documents, to pursue your flood claim, from the great flood in Louisiana that occurred in 2016.

The late summer of 2016 was one of devastation and frustration for thousands of residents and business owners in the areas of Livingston Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, and Ascension Parish. Nearly 7 Trillion gallons of water fell from the skies in one week, destroying the lives and property of thousands. The few who were actually covered by flood insurance were widely denied and drastically underpaid by their providers who were utilizing "bad faith" practices. We identified these bad faith practices, re-opening a floodgate of 144,000 insurance claims. But, come December 31, 2017, your chance will be gone to demand from these fraudulent providers what they owe you. Because we exposed this fraud, and because we have billions of dollars won on our record, we are the very last firm your insurance provider wants to see in court.



  • Our litigation team uncovered a fraud scandal were FEMA acknowledged that flood victims were fraudulently law balled  

  • After this FEMA fraud scandal, our litigation Clients received an average of $106,000 per claim

  • As a result of the FEMA fraud scandal,FEMA agreed to reopen 144,000 claims

  • FEMA determined that flood victims were underpaid by hundreds of millions of dollars

The truly important thing is that you and your family are safe. You’ve made it through the storm, and that’s what matters most. But, it is time to think about the future and regaining what you lost in the storm. This is what we at Gauthier, Houghtaling & Williams are able to secure. In your free consultation with our firm, we will get a feel for the damages you’ve suffered, devise a strategy for approaching your insurance provider, and begin a rigorous battle toward the recovery of your losses and re-stabilizing of your lives.

If not for our firm, these providers may have gotten away with it. It's time to protect your family and future families from fraudulent tactics. When you're ready, you have an all-star team on your side.


                            WHY HIRE US:

  • We've Handled Thousands of Natural Disaster Claims

  • We've Exposed Fraudulent Underpayments by FEMA

  • We've Recovered Over $300 Million in Settlements for Natural Disaster Victims

  • A Legacy of 40 Years

  • Our Background, Testimonials and Case Results Speak for Themselves

  • We Know How to Get Financial Assistance After a Flood

Were you low balled on your flood insurance claim? 

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